Hair styles and tricks tend to change with the season

Hair and makeup styles tend to change with the season and since it is officially summer, we must make sure we remain fashionable. From the bright lips on the shoulders and the glowing skin, we have all the privileged details shown by your favorite celebrities to keep you beautiful throughout the summer.

1. Orange lips – Hillary Duff

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I already cut it with orange lipstick, Lady Danger from Mac, and you should do the same. Hillary Duff beautifully pulls out this bold orange shade; the trick is the minimum trick keeping the attention on the lips.

2. Short Bob- Lucy Hale

hair and makeup

When the summer gets hot, nothing refreshes you like a new cut, and this bob is perfect for the summer. Lucy Hale has become super short with her but you can try a longer bob style if you prefer.

3.Colorful Cut Crease- Zendaya

hair and makeup

The tendency to cut creases took 2018 abruptly and, although it is not ideal for everyday use, it seems incredible for special events. Zendaya opted for purple and blue to create this gorgeous cut fold, a perfect summer, night look.

4.Topknot- Karruche Tran

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The actress Claws is always adorable, but I fell in love with this pink summer look. She opted for nude lips, light pink eyeshadow and long eyelashes keeping the attention on this elegant sandwich.

5. Choppy Bangs- Rowan Blanchard

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The young actress has lost her girly Disney character with this ramshackle look, thanks to her choppy bang and her blunt bob.

6. minimal makeup Jasmine Tookes

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Take inspiration from the supermodel Victoria & # 39; s Secret: less is more, during the summer. Let the skin breathe; Opt for minimal foundation, gold tones and nude colored lips.

7. Neon Pink Lips – Jenna Dewan

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Pink is a great color for the summer and this neon rose by Jenna is perfect for the season.

8. Beach Waves – Demi Lovado

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You can get these beachy waves with a large curling iron, then use your fingers to loosen the curls.

9. Shadows -Jaime Chung

hair and makeup

Shadows has been around for a while and the trend will not fade soon. I love this look and it works for hair of different length, style and textures.

10. White Eyeliner-Rihanna

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If she is her only person to dictate the trends, Rihanna is this time cradling a white eyeliner, which means that this summer we will all be lulled with the white eyeliner.

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