Makeup brushes 101 | Detailed guide on how to use the set

Welcome to Makeup Brushes 101! Find out everything you need to know about your brushes. If you have a lot of makeup brushes, we're not surprised that you're overwhelmed. It is important to know the purpose of each makeup brush and what must be in the kit. We discuss all this and more in this post, an obligatory reading for beginners and experts!

Makeup Brushes 101: How to use makeup brush sets

The fan brush

This is a thin and flexible fan-shaped brush. This multi-purpose brush is available in different sizes.


  • Apply the highlighter or blush
  • Create a delicate contour
  • Wipe away excess dust or the effect of the eyeshadow

The Flat Foundation Brush

The Flat Foundation Brush | Makeup brushes 101 | A detailed guide to the brush for beginners

This is a thin, flat brush with a square end. Use the same brush as a traditional foundation brush, with short strokes back and forth. The flat end creates perfect lines for retouching around the eyes, eyebrows and lips.


  • Apply liquid foundation
  • Apply and blend the concealer
  • Create perfect lines around eye shadows, eyebrows and lipsticks
  • Ideal for theatrical or performance make-up

Foundation brush

The brush has a flat, dense, soft and rounded end. Use it like a brush, small brush strokes back and forth to apply and blend. Create a natural finish with a light to medium coverage.


  • Apply liquid foundation
  • Apply the concealer
  • Blend of cream products

Flat Top Brush

This is a dense brush, large and round, with a small flat cut top. It can be used for almost anything, from mixing to applying makeup to a variety of thicknesses. It is available in different sizes.


  • Apply and mix liquid or cream foundation
  • Full coverage powder application
  • Apply and blend the color of the cheek
  • Remove excess dust and spill

Angle brush

This is a dense, flat brush with an angled end. It is more often than a traditional foundation brush. Use short strokes back and forth to create light to medium coverage.


  • Apply liquid foundation
  • Apply cream foundation
  • Correction mixture
  • Blend cream blush or bronzer

Powder brush

This is a makeup brush that is large and soft, generally rather soft, but dense. It is used to sweep or press powder on the face. It can also be used for casting because of its rounded shape.


  • Apply powder foundation or added powder
  • Apply powder, bronzer or highlighter
  • Blend controls the color together
  • Apply products to the body

Round brush

This is a round brush with very dense, rigid but soft bristles. Use it to polish the makeup on the skin with small circular movements. Create an impeccable and perfectly mixed finish. It is definitely versatile.


  • Apply and blend the foundation
  • Apply and blend the concealer
  • Side dish
  • Apply and blend the color of the cheek
  • Apply powder foundation or added powder

Ruffled brush

This is a long and flexible duo fiber bristle, normally quite dense and soft. Use it with a polishing movement, creating small circles with each stroke to blend the product. It is a multi-purpose product and can be either large or small.


  • Apply liquid or cream foundation
  • Apply the blush or highlight
  • Mix concealer and foundation
  • Combine the colors of the cheek for a flawless look

Brush to blush angled

This is a medium-sized brush that is dense and rounded, with a tapered and angled end. It has the perfect shape to define the cheekbones. Use as you would a normal blush or brush or use it to shape the cavities of your cheeks.


  • Apply to blush, bronzer or highlight
  • Contour cheekbones and other characteristics
  • Mix the color of the cheek

Brush blush

This is a medium-sized rounded brush with soft bristles. Its small size allows precise application. Its shape also allows a simpler mixing.


  • Apply and blend a redness
  • Apply and blend the bronzer
  • Side dish
  • Apply and blend a highlight
  • Apply the powder to set the concealer


Here is the infographic guide to your makeup brush 101. Save, pin or print!

makeup brushes 101

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Makeup trick or not, we all get a little excited when we receive a new set of makeup brushes. It inspires us to do more and challenges us to create new and extraordinary make-up looks. For me, when I have a new set of make-up brushes, I automatically feel like a professional make-up artist who can create masterpieces.

Owning a new set of makeup brushes may present some new challenges, but knowing how to use them will help you get the look of makeup that we've always wanted! We hope this guide to makeup brush 101 has helped you understand how to use yours!

How does this guide to makeup brushes help you? We'd love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on March 12, 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevance.


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