Skin care remedies are essential for beautiful and healthy skin, but not for any type

Skin care remedies are essential for beautiful and healthy skin, but not just any type we prefer to walk the natural way. Take a look at these 5 natural remedies to help eliminate pimples.

1.Face Steaming

The steaming of the face not only opens the pores, but also prevents blockage that can cause pimples. The steaming of the face also helps to shed dead skin on the face, kills all the bacteria on or under the skin and also removes the makeup that may have been left even after using a facial wash. I would recommend a facial steam at least once a week; you do not want to do it too often because it could dry out the natural oils in your skin.

Remedies for skin care

2. Tea tree oil

This natural oil does not exactly eliminate pimples but can remove the sports or scars that acne can leave behind. You will need to mix the oil with water and apply it every day on the stains to see the results.

Remedies for skin care
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3. Honey

A half cup of honey mixed with a little oatmeal makes a great acne mask because honey contains antibiotics. You will have to let it rest on your face for about 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Honey will leave you even with bright skin.

Remedies for skin care

4.Witch Hazel

This natural remedy can dry out the pimples that might appear on your skin. Witch Hazel is present in most pharmacies and beauty shops. Just immerse some of the liquid on a piece of cotton and use it to gently clean your face twice a day or if necessary. If you use the counter products you can also read the ingredients and find toners, moisturizers, etc. Which contain witch hazel.

Remedies for skin care

5. Lemon juice

Lemon is great in more than one way, firstly it can help dry out pimples faster. Secondly, if you apply it directly to the signs of acne, it can eventually make them fade.

Remedies for skin care

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