Tricky makeup tricks are needed these days

Thrifty makeup tips are needed these days because there are so many expensive options on the market. You need to know what to grant and what to skip. The most common misconception is that expensive makeup is better than their cheaper counterparts, it's not always the case.

When to spend

1. Foundation

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Why give yourself the luxury of the foundations? First it is the base of your look, so the base should have a better quality because it will match your skintone exactly. Branded foundations are more favored than the foundations purchased by the pharmacy because the brand has a better finish and are tested to last all day – making it cheaper because you do not have to reapply the entire foundation throughout the day. One of the best bases to prove it is Dior DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 as it provides a moisturizing finish and with the right amount of coverage creates a natural and impeccable effect.

2. Eye shadow

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As we all know, brands are far better than those of the pharmacy. It is preferable because branded eye shadows are made with superior quality ingredients, thus giving a better pigment when applied. Also, the best thing is that you have not really spent anything because you do not have to keep buying or replacing eye shadows: with branded eye shadows you only need 2 years to change it. Personally, I like Urban Naked Palettes (ALL VERSIONS) very much because of its variety of colors and the lasting effect it creates after application.

3. Powder, Bronzer or blush

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Just like with eye shadows when these make-up must-haves are tightly packed, it's with the best interest to spend more on department store products as according to Beau Nelson, a celebrity make-up artist from New York,"The powders of department stores are finely milled, so the plot is smoother than typical mass brands" In addition, high-quality makeup products crumble and break less easily. For bronzer, I like to use Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact – Bronze is not only a much appreciated bronzer, but this Bobbi Brown product creates that deep and tanned glow.

4. Tools

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If your main goal is to save money, choosing to use professional-level makeup brushes is the best option! Some may not agree, but the PRO-Grade brushes are made of fine materials and therefore they give you that well distributed product that makes you not use more product over time. I personally use MAC Brush Collection – I also like that cleaning the brushes after cleaning is the same as before.

When to save

1. Mascara

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I find no need for a $ 20 to $ 40 mascara when you can get the same look with a $ 5. When looking for a large mascara all over the WorldWideWeb, Maybelline New York Great Lash is automatically found on most sites that you recommend your mascara must have.

2. Lipstick

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With the pharmacy lipsticks you can buy from 5 to 10 types for less than $ 20. It's not great that you have a lot of colors without spending more – if you think that the lipstick does not last for the whole day, give a Look at this fantastic technique on how to make your Last All Day lipstick and what about the lipsticks you can try, check out CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick as it sticks well to your lips without the worries for the transfer of its color to food or the glass drink you are using.

3. Eyeliner

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Just like the mascaras in which it is necessary to replace every 3 months. Your eyeliner is the slightest trick you must have on which you have to spend. Pharmacy and brand eyeliner give the same result (both in pencil and liquid). With liquid it controls which has that also gives the application. And imagine Jordana Cosmetics INCOLOR Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner for less than $ 6 but there are many positive reviews.


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