Your style guide for your Mason & Ivy holiday wear

Your style of holiday wear should not break the bank. Take a look at this holiday style guide by Mason and Ivy and discover the discounted pieces you can combine.

“Ringtone sled, are you listening?” Oh yes, our world is fast becoming a winter wonderland. And you know what it means: parties! Many and many parties! Apart from generous food and wine, as well as a lot of meetings and gifts, it is also about winter looks and, above all, of holiday clothing styles. Should you wear sweater clothes? What are the best ankle boots for this season? I will save you the problem. Mason and Ivy, one of the best places to find fantastic trendy items at discounted prices, have come up with a practical guide for you.

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That’s it, the holidays are here. It’s hard to believe that 2016 has passed so fast! But the holidays are also an opportunity to end the year with a bang, especially in the fashion department. I always get excited about getting dressed for Christmas events, because I can get them as glam and trendy as I wantor how comfortable and welcoming how can I! This year, I will address Mason & Ivy for my party dresses. I think they have a complete and complete collection (theirs bigger the collections are so cute!), and I love how they are a local brand. Mason & Ivy is a great source for your partywear needs. Whatever your plans are this season, our holiday style clothing guide has Pieces of Mason & Ivy you need in your life now!

Guide to Christmas gifts Your style guide for your Mason & Ivy holiday wear

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1. Parts of the office

Parts of offices Your style guide for your Mason & Ivy holiday wear

When it comes to office parties, find a balance between an acute work look and an elegant or cozy atmosphere. A wraparound dress combined with your favorite pair of boots is the perfect combination!

Taylor is swinging a black Farah Plus Size Wrap Dress, while Sara keeps it classic with a gray South-western high-neck dress. But for me, boots are the stars of these looks. Taylor wears a trendy pair Rhea Lace-Up Bootsand Sara has a couple Philly knee high boots.

2. Vacation trips

Holiday trip | Your style guide for your Mason & Ivy holiday wear

When you travel this festive season, keep it comfortable and welcoming to the full. So just accessorize with a luminous bag or sparkling jewels to add a touch of vacation!

The inspiration for holiday wear like this is all about comfort. Sara has transformed the Kendra Active Workout Tank is Criss Cross Yoga Capri combo in a look ready for the holidays, simply throwing the Bomber Alexia Navy! To accessorize, it went for the Trio Native Arrow Silver Ring. Not a fan of athleisure? Taylor has the inspiration for the holiday wear you need. He paired his classic khaki sweater with open shoulders Jane Plus Size ripped jeans is Riley lace-up ankle boots in a matching brown shade.

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